Shannon Sharpe Wasn’t Having Skip Bayless Taking A ‘Personal Shot’ At Him Over Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s struggles this season continued on Sunday in a rather pathetic 35-7 loss by the Bucs on the road against Brock Purdy and the Niners, and with the Bucs sliding back below .500 at 6-7, his play and the Bucs issues were once again a leading topic on sports talk TV shows on Monday morning.

When it came time for that topic on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe grew increasingly frustrated with “personal shots” taken at him by Skip Bayless, who took offense at Sharpe for saying Brady has been bad this year — which is objectively true. Skip went at Sharpe for “having to stop at 35” while Brady continues playing at 45, which wound Sharpe up for what became a minute-long screaming match.

Shannon is without question in the right here, but it’s also incredibly funny how Skip literally makes a fart noise at Shannon as he lists off his accomplishments as a Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champion before saying “Who cares?!” Getting so mad at someone saying Tom Brady — who again, has by all metrics not played well this year — has not played well that you go after them for not being as good or playing as long (while ignoring the massive differences in playing quarterback and tight end on the body) is truly incredible work by sports TV’s most obnoxious heel.