Shohei Ohtani Making Pitch Clock History Got A ‘Tungsten Arm’ O’Doyle Shoutout On ‘SportsCenter’

If you are aware of how things have gone Los Angeles Angels in recent years and have at least one friend with a Twitter account, you are almost certainly aware of the “Tungsten Arm” O’Doyle tweet. The gist: The Angels have had two generational talents in Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, and despite that, they keep losing while those guys do ludicrous stuff on a pretty frequent basis.

This tweet has inspired approximately 500,000,000,000,000 jokes since it was sent, the latest of which came on a Thursday afternoon edition of SportsCenter. The joke itself wasn’t quite in the spirit of the original tweet, because it revolves around a misfortune befalling Ohtani, as the Angels star became the first player in MLB history to get a pitch clock violation as a hitter and a pitcher in the same game.

Of course, as the league’s only player who is an MVP-caliber hitter and Cy Young-caliber pitcher, Ohtani was the overwhelming favorite to be the first person to do this. Still, Ohtani making pitch clock history earned a shoutout for O’Doyle on a Thursday episode of SportsCenter.

The good news for Ohtani is that the last part of the tweet did not come to fruition, as the Angels beat the Seattle Marines, 4-3. Ohtani went 1-2 with an RBI and two walks as a hitter and struck out eight while only allowing one run in six innings of work on the mound.