Sign Up for Free Fantasy Baseball or I’m Selling Out to Bleacher Report

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.27.11 2 Comments

(editor’s note: This is Brandon. I was unavailable to write this final push, urging you to sign up for our free fantasy baseball game through, so I got some of my old friends from FanHouse to fill in for me. Good luck, and I hope nobody quits!)

Hey guys! Looking for the HOTTEST fantasy sports action on the world wide web? Then check out With Leather’s free fantasy baseball game tonight only from Because what good is a fantasy … if it isn’t WITH LEATHER?

We promise that two beautiful young women are writing this, and not a sports blogger in a wrestling t-shirt sitting in his downstairs bedroom while his cat sleeps on the recliner like two feet to the left. Nope, we are hot and nasty strippers who also happen to like sports, and we think you should like sports, too. If you like sports and have money, we will date you. You like sports. So how do you get money? Why I’m not sure, if you have any suggestions we’d be happy to BOOM FREE FANTASY BASEBALL WITH DRAFTSTREET.

(additional editor’s note: Okay, this is terrible, we aren’t going to use these girls anymore, forget they ever existed. But you should sign up for our game, because it starts tonight at 7:05, and it’s a great, fun way to win some free money. And it keeps our website looking less like this.)

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