Silva Vs. Sonnen II: The Comic Book

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06.29.12 7 Comments

If Anderson Silva finally getting mad and threatening to break every bone and tooth in Chael Sonnen’s body didn’t get you excited for Silva vs. Sonnen II at UFC 148 next month, maybe THE SILVER SPIDER VS. THE AMERICAN GANGSTA will.

That’s the comic series UFC is using to promote their next event, with a new panel showing up every day on Facebook. If you’re like most people your first reaction will be, “why didn’t they call him the ‘Silva’ spider and put the hard ER on the end of ‘gansta’? Would Chael Sonnen call himself a ‘gangsta’?” Your second reaction will be to scroll down a little and laugh out loud at Steven Seagal’s cameo.

They’re updating the comic every day until July 7, so check out what we’ve got so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for a Booster Gold crossover at some point.

And the latest installment, straight from the UFC Facebook page:

[h/t as always to the lovely Jessica/Lobster Mobster and]

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