Singing His Praise: A Look At YouTube’s Love Affair With Tim Tebow

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12.13.11 5 Comments


If ever we hoped for God* to be a sports fan, let’s hope that he was wearing his giant foam finger yesterday as he browsed the Internet and checked the news at the Global Language Monitor. Because I can only imagine the almighty spitting out his morning coffee while reading the news that Tebowing is now officially a word. The act of kneeling down and expressing your thoughts to your holy being – otherwise known as praying – is now universally known as Tebowing, thanks to what the GLM refers to as the “six-week rise of the Global Phenomenon.” And you know it’s legit, because the GLM says it’s legit.

Though there is no official agency for accepting new words (or neologisms) into the English lexicon such as France’s Académie française, since 2003 the Global Language Monitor has been recognizing new words once they meet the criteria of a minimum number of citations across the breadth of the English-speaking world, with the requisite depth of usage on the Internet, in social media and in the top 75,000 global print and electronic media.

BOOM! WORDED! Now, while we wait for news that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to spend the rest of eternity protesting the Denver Broncos – or maybe they’ll just say, F*ck it and start worshipping Tim Tebow, too – I dug up the Interweb’s latest offerings of YouTube tributes to the man who is 7-1 as the Denver Broncos’ quarterback. Consider it our donation to the Cult of Tebow. Enjoy your Kool-Aid, friends.

*Whichever holy being you prefer.

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