Soccer Medic Does Flips

While attending to injured players in some random soccer game in Brazil, this diminutive little medic does flips and puts on a show as the people hurt writhe in (arguable) pain. It’s awesome! His flips totally make me forget the star striker just broke his femur!

My only concern is the fact that his flips aren’t very well executed. He even falls on the last one but plays it off as part of the joke. Nice try, dude. The Russian judges give that one a 3.5 for a poor landing.

More sports should do this. Imagine if the NFL adopted this method to making even injury time entertaining. If someone needs to be put on the injury cart, drive off the field in style. Set up a ramp with a flaming hoop, and get the mascot to wield a t-shirt cannon as they drive through and impress the fans. It’s totally free of any liabilities!

–via Dirty Tackle.