Somebody Thought ‘Tim Tebow As Mythological Beast’ Was A Great Tattoo Idea

Buzzfeed’s headline “An Idiot Got A Tim Tebow Tattoo [PIC]” is all you need to know, because seriously, what else is there to say? This guy got Tim Tebow as a centaur in a football helmet (and nothing else, it should be noted) with “Tebow Time” above it tattooed on his body. I’m not sure where on his body, exactly, but judging by the flat area and body hair I’d have to guess “his forehead”.

Thanks to this Internet Stranger, Tebow joins Alex Rodriguez in the “sports guys who have at one point been a centaur” category of our brains. Maybe it’s because he plays for a horse-themed team? If he played for the Eagles this tattoo would be of Tebow as a griffin? And then he could get traded to the Lions, and the guy would have to get a cover-up and depict Tebow as a chimera? Regardless, I really want to use Kratos to kill this guy now.

And is it just me, or is the cursive somehow the worst part?

[h/t to Robopanda]