Holy Crap, Someone Actually Made 'The Homer' And Will Race It This Weekend

Back in January, a Jalopnik reader reached out to the site’s other readers with a bit of a challenge, as he wanted to see if someone could help design a car that his four-year old son had dreamed up. To all of our surprise, an actual team of BMW engineers responded with a design for the incredible 42-wheel drive, 19-engine vehicle and a very special message for the boy and others like him to keep dreaming big.

Of course, I joked that because the car didn’t have a horn that could play La Cucaracha like “The Homer” from The Simpsons, it was hardly the world’s ultimate automobile. Well, that feat has now been accomplished, because a team that will compete in this weekend’s 24 Hours of Lemons race at Southern California’s Buttonwillow Raceway is driving an actual, honest-to-Leader BMW 3 Series vehicle that has been customized to look exactly like The Homer.

Now we get to watch it race other crap cans as it tackles Southern California’s Buttonwillow Raceway on June 29. Scott Chamberlain, Kris Linquist, Reid Conti, Ben Reilly and Mike Yepes will helm the machine, and Jeff Herman serves as the team’s creative director.

The racer is the latest incarnation of a well-abused BMW 3 Series. The team campaigned the same E30 under the “Prickstine” banner as a Chrysler Imperial tribute and “Porcubimmer,” the latter being a riff on the ever-popular joke about the difference between porcupines and BMW models. Never gets old. (Via Autoblog)

I have never wanted to own the ugliest car in the world so badly in my life. And it plays “La Cucaracha”. A serious tip of the cap to the folks at Porcubimmer for this incredible feat.