Stannis Baratheon Wins The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Deathmatch Tournament

04.07.15 4 years ago 10 Comments

The votes have been tabulated. The final confrontation has happened. Read on to find who was the victor of March Badassness, our Game of Thrones Deathmatch Tournament…

Stannis (74.78% / 2742 votes) vs. Ygritte (25.22% / 925 votes)


Stannis Baratheon feels the power coursing through him… the absolute power! The kings he has slain, the children he has murdered, all their blood has given him magic beyond comprehension. He floats high up with the clouds, hovering over the burnt out shell of King’s Landing. He destroyed that wicked city with a sweep of his fist, and the rest of Westeros will burn for defying him.

His teeth clench as he concentrates and a faint wailing reaches his ears from below; the sound of every living inhabitant screaming as they ignite into flame. Somewhere to the North, a wildling woman dies. The earth burns. Stones melt. The ocean boils.

Stannis’s own body dissipates but his consciousness remains, growing out ever larger into the reaches of the galaxy. Westeros sinks, the oceans claiming it in a hot rush of steam. The planet tears asunder and its atmosphere spills into space. Stannis roars in triumph and pulls all the universe’s matter into a tiny ball no larger than a child’s marble. “This time it will be better,” he mutters, and with a bang, the ball explodes outwards carrying life, death… everything.

Thanks for taking part in the Game of Thrones March Badassness Deathmatch Tournament! All hail Stannis, king of the universe and destroyer of worlds! May Season 5 of Game of Thrones be as crazy as this tournament was.

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