Steve Smith Absolutely Tore Into Jerry Jeudy Before The Broncos Played The Chiefs

It’s unclear what the future holds for Jerry Jeudy. The former No. 15 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Jeudy has seen his name thrown into trade rumors as the Denver Broncos struggle during the first year of Sean Payton’s time at the helm. And considering the amount of stuff that the team sent to Seattle in the trade that landed them Russell Wilson, it would make sense that Denver wants to try and get back valuable assets.

The problem the Broncos face is that if everyone views Jeudy the way Steve Smith does, they’re not going to get all that much back for him. Smith was on the air prior to Denver’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and it was mentioned that he had a run-in with Jeudy.

Smith basically explained that, on his podcast, he said Jeudy was “a J.A.G.: Just A Guy.” He wanted to apologize for going a little overboard, but Jeudy responded in a way that he did not like. Never one known for biting his tongue, Smith then unloaded on the former Alabama standout.

“I’ll say it again: I’m sorry that I said you were a J.A.G., Just A Guy, who’s an average wide receiver they used a first-round pick on that isn’t doing anything,” Smith, who was visibly upset by this point, said. “I hope today that you actually show up in a way that you haven’t showed up in the last couple of years since they drafted you. So, if you ever got a problem with Agent 89, I’m sorry for saying that you’re an average wide receiver that they eventually move on.

“And when teams call me asking should they trade for you,” Smith continued, “I will say no. Don’t trade for Jerry Jeudy. Because he’s mentally unable to handle constructive criticism from people who watch specifically, can he be a wide receiver? He can be a wide receiver, he’s a tier three. Go back into the studio, I’m done now. Thank you.”

The studio loved this, while Smith was clearly pissed off at the whole thing. I do not know about you, but I am going to pay extra close attention to Jeudy — who made a cameo while Smith was talking later on in the evening — on Thursday night now.