Stephen Jackson Re-Gifted His Samsung Galaxy From The NBA In The Best Way

When you hear the Seinfeld-ian term “re-gifting,” the typical kneejerk reaction is to think that the person responsible for passing along a gift from another person is a real knucklehead, as my grandfather would say. And when you think of Los Angeles Clippers guard/forward Stephen Jackson – who is perhaps most famous for his role in the “Malice at the Palace” – you don’t necessarily think of the warmest, kindest and most approachable NBA player. But when you combine the two, you come up with a surprisingly heartfelt Christmas post on Instagram.

The NBA apparently issued brand new Samsung Galaxy Note tablets to all of the league’s players, because what better way to say, “Thank you for making us billions!” than by giving someone something to watch porn on? But instead of losing his in a pile of other free crap like I assume most NBA stars would, Jackson passed his along to a random girl who works at Golden State’s Oracle Arena.

Obviously, you could legitimately wonder if the girl is very attractive and that’s why she received the gift, but I’m just going to opt for the nice story this time.