Steve Smith, Sr. May Have Injured His Achilles In The Final Play Of His Career

On a day in which he entered the top ten all-time in receiving yards, Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. was forced to leave Baltimore’s game Sunday against San Diego late in the third quarter after going down with a leg injury.

Smith took an awkward step after trying to tack on yards after a catch and knew right away it was bad, as he motioned to the sideline right after he went down. He was helped off the field and looked like he couldn’t put any pressure at all on his leg. It’s a brutal blow for Smith, who already was dealing with injury problems in what he had previously announced would be his final NFL season.

There hasn’t been an official diagnosis for Smith, but early speculation is that it may be an achilles injury.

It’s been a rough day for injuries overall. In addition to Smith, both Khiry Robinson  and Le’Veon Bell went down with what looked to be potential season-ending injuries.


Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh has confirmed that is indeed a torn achilles, and Smith Sr. will be out for the remainder of the season. Still, that may not be the last we see of Smith on an NFL field.