Strasburg To Pitch For About Five Seconds In 2011

Washington Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg could pitch in 2011, or so says the Twitter of Meridiano Television’s Ivan Arteaga.  Strasburg was put on the shelf in August 2010 when one pitch magically transformed him from the most hyped and closely watched pitching prospect in the history of baseball into the red team’s Mark Prior.  He underwent Tommy John surgery shortly thereafter and was expected to miss the entirety of this season, but the Spanish tweet says otherwise.

Strasburg is regaining arm strength and is throwing from 90 feet on flat ground, but the Nationals’ desperation to rush him and Bryce Harper into starring roles whether they’re ready or not seems like it’s leading to worse things than good.  92 strikeouts in 68 innings, but you eventually want him to break 70, right?  So don’t Dusty Baker him here.  Let his arm heal, and he’ll be ready to be Strasburg again right around the time Harper’s spent two and a half seasons roping line drives into the first baseman’s glove and has turned into a real baseball player.  You guys aren’t the Phils with or without Strasburg, you know?  2011 is not your last season.

I tried to find out more on the Meridiano Television Twitter, but I’m pretty sure they’re just copying and pasting scripts from Destinos.

@ivanarteaga Don Fernando tiene dos hijos.

Does “abogada” mean “baseball player?”  Because if it does, Raquel Rodriguez is a baseball player in Los Angeles.