Suck It, Australia: Florida Broke The Bikini Parade World Record

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03.08.12 3 Comments

Seriously, your move Brazil.

Very rarely am I ever proud to actually admit that I live in Florida, but on days like this I’m wearing my America’s Wang t-shirt without shame. Back in October, 357 women took to Australia’s Gold Coast to break the Guinness World Record for the longest bikini parade, and I sure commended their efforts, because who can’t appreciate 357 Australian women wearing a few inches of fabric? The women of Panama City Beach, Florida, that’s who.
To be precise, 450 Floridian women gave a big thong wedgie to those ladies Down Under on Tuesday, as they strutted their stuff along the Gulf of Mexico. And boy are they proud.

“We were able to not just break the record but smash it,” said Dan Rowe, president and CEO of the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, which sponsored the effort. “Everybody had a great time.”
Although clearly a celebration of fun (and exposed flesh), the event also had its serious side, raising $1,000 for Beach Care Services, a local charity that provides assistance to those in need. (Via MSNBC)

Just in case you’re wondering how serious Guinness is about this specific world record, they not only make sure that every participant walks the full one-mile parade route, but they also make sure that every girl is wearing an actual bikini. Not some one-piece or, even worse, a t-shirt.
So I guess my main point is – how do I get that job?

(Images via Flickr/Guinness World Records.)

"So what's up? You chicks wanna, like, party or something?"

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