The Bennett Brothers Gave Us A Hilarious Story About Taunting Following The Super Bowl

New England Patriots’ tight end Martellus Bennett was traded last offseason to New England after previously playing with the Cowboys, Giants and Bears, all in hopes of finally reaching the mountaintop of a Super Bowl championship. His brother Michael, however, a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, has already won a ring. And when he did, he let his brother Martellus know about it every chance he got as he told Howie and Terry following the Patriots incredible comeback victory.

Martellus says about his brother after the Seahawks won a championship, “I came to his house in Seattle, and he had this replica of the trophy or whatever, and when I opened up the refrigerator, the trophy was in there. I go to the bathroom, I’m like ‘you got some toilet paper?’–the trophy’s right where the toilet paper’s supposed to be!”

Michael’s two years older then Martellus, so it’s easy to cough that up to some older brother’s gentle ribbing, but now that the younger Bennett has finally got a title of his own, you can bet he’s already trying to think of the best way to spend the next year reminding him about his team’s record-setting Super Bowl-winning comeback.