Sure, Curling Is Sexy, But It Is Also Deadly

You are interested in curling. You are interested in it.

So far we’ve enjoyed the comedic side of the sport as well as its putridly hot, pants-tightening babes, but we haven’t exposed curling’s dark underbelly. Bodies have been BRUISED during this bone-shattering Olympic sport, and the brutal fall of Russian curler Andrey Drozdov is evidence of that.

Watch with Faces of Death-style shock and awe as everything that could go wrong DOES, and Droz goes brains first into the ice. Via NBC:

There are certain events at the Winter Olympics where onlookers could expect to see a wipeout or two. Snowboarding, skiing, even the odd speed skating crash is a possibility – but curling is a sport that doesn’t typically lend itself to these more sensational highlights. That was until Russia’s 7-6 victory over Switzerland Thursday morning, during which Andrey Drozdov toppled painfully over a ricocheted stone and drilled his head on the ice.

A Drozdov falling wrong and hurting himself. Where have I read about that before?

Anyway, curling is not a sport for pantywastes and sissies. Shake it off, Drozdov.