This Surfing Dog Competition Will Get You Hyped For The Weekend

If you’re sitting in an office somewhere, wondering what kind of cruel God would force good people to work inside on a sunny Friday in the summer, please enjoy this video of dogs competing in a surfing contest for the balance of the workday. “Godspeed, you beautiful creatures,” you’ll think. “At least you guys are seizing the day.”

Many dogs, like many humans, seem to enjoy surfing. Unlike humans, dogs do not have jobs that may prevent them from surfing. Their human owners, however, probably do have jobs, so the 10th annual Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Competition took place over the first weekend in August at Imperial Beach in California. Which is good because it would have just been too unfair if it had happened on, like, a Wednesday. Anyway, here are some photos of these lovely animals “hanging paw,” or whatever tortured surfing play-on-words fits best. Try not to be crushed with ennui as you watch.

You know, after looking at these photos, some of these dogs look outright terrified. Maybe they want to change places and hang out in an office?

(Via Next Impulse Sports)