Taylor Hall Is A Secret Samurai, Redefines The Term ‘Slashing’

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.11.13 14 Comments

And now, Taylor Hall turning into Yojimbo to slash Zbynek Michalek in the third period of Edmonton’s 3-1 loss to the Phoenix. Just straight-up raising a hockey stick over his head and trying to cut a man open from withers to brisket. Spoiler alert: No penalty was called. Whoops!

Compare and contrast:

You’ve got to hand it to the folks in charge of calling stuff like this … they really did a bang-up job. I know people get away with slashing all the time, but it’s rare when a guy actually brings the stick over his head like a killer and brings it down in an actual two-fisted sword slash to attack somebody. That’s the kind of slash you do when you’re six and think hockey sticks are cool. Unbelievable.

BRB, going to watch the entirety of Yojimbo now.

[h/t to Puck Daddy]

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