Pedro Martinez And The TBS MLB Postseason Crew Never Want Us To Get Bored

10.18.17 1 year ago

Casey Stern doesn’t want Pedro Martinez to know how many years he studied Spanish before he started working with him. The Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher turned broadcaster has seemed impressed when the host of the MLB on TBS Postseason Show loosely translates his Spanish messages for the English-speaking viewers at home.

But Stern isn’t leafing through a Spanish/English dictionary or studying Rosetta Stone in his spare time. In fact, he’s had a working knowledge of the language for a lot longer than he’s worked on air with the Boston Red Sox legend.

“I studied Spanish for seven years in college and high school,” Stern told Uproxx by phone. “And then I bartended and worked as a waiter in a tequila bar. I have tequila and Spanish experience.”

“But you can put in the article that it’s because of him,” Stern joked. “He’ll feel better.”

For Stern, keeping the former Cy Young winner happy is all part of the job. Along with Gary Sheffield and Jimmy Rollins, Martinez and Stern are the faces of TBS’ baseball coverage, setting up and finishing the network’s coverage of the postseason together the last two Octobers. For 13 regular season games, then the Wild Card round and National League Division and Championship Series, the show has offered a unique look at America’s pastime with the charm and wit that’s become a signature of other Turner Sports broadcasts.

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