Tearjerking Story Of The Day: Matt Finishes His Run At Field Day

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.30.12 14 Comments

oh good, I needed to sob uncontrollably for the entire afternoon

By way of The Daily What comes this video of Matt, a kid at Colonial Hills Elementary School in Ohio. Matt was given the option to sit out or run in the school’s Field Day Race, and he chose to run. The important note here is that Matt has spastic cerebral palsy, a condition that stands up on its back legs and says YOU CAN’T RUN. And he runs.

If you aren’t crying already, wait until they get to the part where Matt’s classmates start cheering him on. Argh, my heart! In a world of ironic Metta World Peace videos and people being awful, it’s nice to remember that people aren’t so bad, and that sports can give us some of our finest moments.

Also, that a kid with CP is way better than me at Field Day.

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