A Texas A+M Fan Meteorologist Freaked Out Mid-Weather Report As The Aggies Beat Alabama

There are few joys quite like watching your favorite sports team pull off a massive upset. Those moments are usually spent in the company of other fans who are experiencing the same emotions as you, or, at the least, you are in the comfort of your own home on your couch.

However, for Effrage Davis, a Texas A&M fan living in the Quad Cities area of Illinois, she had to deal with the stress of watching her Aggies try to hold on to beat Alabama while live on the air for WQAD 8 News. Davis, the station’s meteorologist, was asked to give the weather report with 90 seconds to go in the A&M-Alabama game and, to her credit, had warned the anchor that this wouldn’t go well as she was heavily invested in her Aggies.

The result is a rather hilarious video of her freaking out when the game-winning field goal went through the uprights mid-report, as she tried her best to power through.

The best part is that she’s delivering this weather report to folks in Illinois and Iowa who, while maybe intrigued by the Alabama-A&M game, are not nearly as invested in it as she is. The “can it wait til after the game is over” question is one we’ve all asked at some point when watching our favorite team, and Aggie fans all over can relate to this freakout, even if many of her viewers weren’t as dialed.