Chris Christie Playing Softball Is An Absolute Delight

Chris Christie
Getty Image

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie likes sports, and his rotundity delights us. When his merry portliness intersects with his sports love, that’s when things get wacky.

First, Christie spent more than 80,000 taxpayer dollars in food and drink at NFL games, an absurd number. Now, his appearance at a charity softball game at Yankee Stadium has given us another gift… the sight of him in a softball uniform. BEHOLD:

I gotta say, I’ve seen worse swings from younger, thinner people. And he’s got a surprising amount of bounce… IN HIS STEP, you bunch of snickering children. Here are some more images on which to feast your eyes:

No smile on Christie’s face on any of those pictures. I’m glad he was all business; it saves more fun for the rest of us.

(Via Chris Moody and AP)