The Best Of The 2011 Surf Dog Competition

This past weekend was about legends. It was about honoring the old guard and celebrating one sport’s superstars. As you can obviously tell from the banner image, that sport is dog surfing. On Saturday, the 6th annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon competition took place in Del Mar, California, and the event, hosted by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, raised more than $100,000 for orphaned pooches. And I like to imagine that they all live in a really cool surf academy called “Surf’s Pup!” because that would be awesome.

The star of the weekend was Buddy, the 14-year old Jack Russell terrier, who not only became the first dog inducted into the Surf Dog Hall of Fame, but also won his fifth Surf-A-Thon title. He’s like the Boston of dogs.

“That last heat was probably the best of Buddy’s life,” Bruce Hooker, Buddy’s owner, said during the ceremony.

(Via Ohmidog)

Adding: “But it still wasn’t as good as the heat he got from those poodles after the event, AMIRIGHT?” Who doesn’t love a good dog sex pun?

Other highlights included the first-ever dog surfing world record, which was set by Australian Kelpie Abbie’G when she rode a wave 65-freaking-yards, as well as a failed attempt for most dogs on one surfboard. Better luck next year, adorably terrified dogs.