The Best Of The 2011 U.S. Open (Spoiler Alert: It’s All Brooklyn Decker)

Andy Roddick has taken some time out from being America’s death rattle of men’s tennis success to openly voice his opinion on some matters that are near and dear to his heart. For starters, when you’re a guy who isn’t as good as people once expected you to be, you’re going to often be aggravated and wish to vent your frustration how you see fit. Roddick’s solution is that he thinks that tennis players should be allowed to behave like professional wrestlers and just break anything they want. In theory, he’s right. A throwback to John McEnroe would be great.

But there’s a better solution out there – it’s called not sucking. But look at me being all critical. That’s another thing that Roddick hates. In an interview with ESPN’s Chris Fowler, Roddick talked about his future as an analyst.

“Tennis analyst is the easiest job in the world because whatever the person does, if it works you just say that’s what’s good, and if it doesn’t work, you guys go, ‘He should have done the other things.’ So, you know, I’m pretty convinced that I could be a tennis analyst when I’m done.

“It just doesn’t take much thought… If I’m grinding and I’m winning, you guys are like, ‘He’s reinvented himself.’ If I’m playing like crap and pushing, then, it’s, you know, ‘He’s horrible and he needs to hit the ball.’ Everyone’s an expert but I’m better than most of them, I believe.” (Via Yahoo!)

Congrats, you’re better than most analysts. That’s great, I think. Roddick is clearly pissed at someone in particular for criticizing his play, but I don’t know who it is because I haven’t watched an American play tennis since Pete Sampras. If I do watch Roddick play tennis, it’s because of his wife, Brooklyn Decker, who was in the stands to watch her boo defeat fellow American Michael Russell on Wednesday and I’m sure she’ll be there tonight as Roddick plays another fellow American… wait for it… Jack Sock.

Image by by david_shankbone, on Flickr via CC