The Conflicted Vegan Kate Upton Report

Complex Magazine just put up an interview with and photo gallery of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Official Everywhere On The Internet poster girl Kate Upton, and despite my aversion toward animals as a food source I am undecided in my feelings toward animals as busty teenage modeling props, so I’m sharing it. Also, as the editor of a sports blog I am legally obligated to freak out every time this girl puts a new picture on the Internet. Legally obligated and gleefully cooperative.
most of the interview reads like it might if Kate was filling out a middle school worksheet about barnyard life:

Have you milked anything before?
No, I have never milked a cow before. It was really cool. I told everyone I learned how to do it.
Would you do it again?

But there’s one wonderful gem right at the end, and you shouldn’t miss it.

I love my body because I used to not be as curvy. I used to get made fun of for being so short and completely flat-chested. I prayed every day. All I wanted was to have big boobs and to be tall.

See? Dreams really can come true. Click through to check out the pictures from Complex’s photoshoot (again, with complete credit to them … I don’t own a chicken OR a camera that nice, or a working copy of photoshop for that matter) and be sure you make it until the end, where the wonderful, wonderful video lives.
[photo and video credit to Complex]
Click for the larger version.

“We don’t have a cow. We have a bull.”
“I’m gonna go brush my teeth.”
Not sure which fetish this is going for, or if it just wants me to buy shoes.


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