‘The Daily Show’ Brought Redskins Fans And Native Americans Together For A Brilliantly Awkward Segment

The Daily Show caught some flack last week for forcing an awkward showdown between Washington Redskins fans and Native Americans. Last night, Jon Stewart addressed the controversy by saying that he would never allow a segment to air that didn’t accurately portray the views of its participants:

“If we find out that someone in a piece was intentionally misled, or if their comments were intentionally misrepresented, we do not air that piece. We would not air that piece.”

And with that out of the way… he aired the absurdly frustrating piece above.

The segment, flawlessly executed by Jason Jones, highlights the clashing views of Native Americans and pitifully ignorant Redskins fans (actual question posed by one fan: “If the Redskins name is changed and I have children one day, what will I pass on to them?”) by bouncing between the contrasting discussions with the opposing parties. Once all the cards are on the table, Jones brings the groups together.

It turns out “awkward showdown” isn’t an accurate description for the meeting. Oh, the “awkward” part is there, but how many “showdowns” have you seen where one side actively tries to engage while the other sheepishly stares at their shoes?