The Eagles Are Just Screwing With Us Now

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08.11.11 10 Comments

Hey Steve, do that impression of Giants fans again.

In a move that can only be described as “F*ck you, that’s how we roll,” the Philadelphia Eagles signed former New York Giants receiver Steve Smith to a one-year deal yesterday, just one day after Giants coach Tom Coughlin implied that it was going to take some more time for Smith to play again after his microfracture surgery and that the team would be waiting on him.

Of course that means he was still a free agent and the Eagles decided they didn’t want the Giants to have him anymore. And of course Smith disagrees with the way Coughlin told it.

“I would disagree with that personally just because I feel good,” Smith said, via quotes distributed by the Eagles. “I’ve been running, I’ve been doing different things, cutting and stuff and it’s been feeling good. I haven’t been having any setbacks so hopefully that will continue but we’ll see.”

“I don’t know, maybe Coughlin has a plan or something up his sleeve when he said that,” Smith said. “Who knows, but I got checked out by both team doctors and have positive reports, so we’ll see what happens when I get on the field.” (Via Pro Football Talk)

Smith says he could start the season, but PFT reported two days ago that he wouldn’t play until at least the midseason. Either way, in 3 seasons with the Giants, Smith had 220 receptions and 2,386 yards, which includes his 107 reception performance from 2009. If the Giants didn’t think he was worth a one-year contract to see how he recovers, then I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

But there are two likely reasons why the Eagles made this signing:

1) Jeremy Maclin is really injured, which the team still denies, and the Eagles took a chance on a rock solid replacement.

2) The Eagles, still sporting the massive boner of signing Nmandi Asomugha and their Dream Team proclamations, asked themselves if they were done and they took one last scroll down the free agent list. And Andy Reid just laughed and laughed.

Some people might think it was 3) The Eagles want to win now before they’re faced with the dilemma of re-signing Mike Vick, they saw a potentially-elite receiver out there being mistreated by the team that he has worked his ass off for, and they took advantage of it. But I still like to think it was No. 2. A big, old, steaming No. 2.

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