The Freeh Report Exposed The Entire Jerry Sandusky Scandal

In the past, regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal and Penn State, we have tried to be as mature and considerate as we possibly could be, because we are not sports preachers, at least not most of the time. We do not profess to be journalists, nor are we out to provide big scoops and breaking news. We’re just a couple of guys who like to present prominent sports stories and Kate Upton news with a touch of humor.

There is nothing funny about what Jerry Sandusky did, and with that there is nothing funny about the Freeh Report’s findings, released this morning. Sure, there were jokes to be made about the name Freeh Report, but we don’t have any jokes about what Sandusky is currently rotting in prison for. I don’t have much of a response to what the findings revealed about Joe Paterno, because it reaches far beyond “disappointing”. I also can’t bring myself to read the entire Freeh Report, because I’m a natural pessimist. I think this world is spiraling into chaos and I’d love to spend my last 150-160 years on this planet on an island. God knows what reading the entire report would do to my brain.

But you can read it if you’d like. All 250+ pages are available right here. If you’re a Penn State student, student-athlete, alumni, fan, and/or employee, you’re not going to like any of it. Nobody is going to like any of it. There will be outrage. There are already people calling for the NCAA to drop the death penalty hammer, Penn State to destroy Joe Paterno’s statue, and probably much worse.

Again, we have nothing funny to say about any of it.

Nor do I have anything funny to say about today’s other big report, this one out of Alabama, after Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen, beat the hell out of one of her sorority sisters. Normally, I’d probably make this a separate post and I’d probably have some sort of joke about the crying Alabama fan – and definitely not about a girl getting her ass kicked or mental sicknesses, because that’s wrong – but honestly, I’m just worried that some girl who blogs about pastries will end up writing about me. So we’ll stick to the safe humor.