The Greatest Catch In Cricket History, According To People Who Understand Cricket

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01.09.12 7 Comments

I don’t know what a domestic T20 match is or what it means to have a 74-run partnership. I don’t even know what a crumpet is (and apparently you have to understand that to understand cricket), but I know this catch is awesome, and that you should see it.

From the YouTube video description:

Bevan Small has become an overnight internet sensation after the little-known New Zealand cricketer took an astounding catch on the boundary in a domestic T20 match.

According to the video and news reports, the cricketer jumped in the air to not just deny Northern Districts’ Brad Wilson a six but also dismiss him by flinging the ball to a teammate before crashing beyond the ropes. His athletic ability broke a vital 74-run partnership.

Small deserves extra credit for completely Jetering it into the ground on the way down. I also love how quickly “awareness” starts to sound like “weenus” when you’re from New Zealand. “Look at the a weenus! LOOK AT THE A’WEENUS!” Also: how many times the guy says “whilst” whilst trying to explain what happened. People should say whilst more often.

Great catch, and great news about that 74-run partnership (?).

[h/t to Fark Sports]

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