The Incredible History Of The Muppets, Sesame Street, And Our Favorite Athletes

[Ed. note – In celebration of this week’s theatrical release of The Muppets, here’s our thing about Muppets. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat.]
We’re still a few months away from the release of The Muppets, starring and written by Jason Segel, but my excitement couldn’t be higher. Hold on, I’m receiving a breaking news message… *squirrel in a hot air balloon drops a note tied to an acorn on the table* … it appears that The Muppets also stars Rashida Jones and Mila Kunis, so I may have an awesome heart attack soon. In the meantime, it’s Friday and now I’m all Muppety, so what the hell can I do to resolve this?
Thankfully, while looking for something completely unrelated yesterday, I stumbled across the Muppets Wiki site and started perusing the history of the happiest shows of my childhood – The Muppet Show and Sesame Street. Eventually I realized that a lot of athletes have been told how to get to, how to get to Sesame Street over the past 42 years, and it all started with Jackie Robinson in 1969. From there, children and adults who are still children at heart watched with glee as their favorite athletes stopped by to teach us about the alphabet, sharing, numbers, living in garbage cans, depression, being a giant bird, same sex partnerships with bottle cap enthusiasts, and building motor skills, among others.
After the jump, I’ve compiled an extensive history of athletes making appearances on Sesame Street and with the Muppets. If you don’t enjoy this or smile the whole way through, then I’m afraid we’ll never be friends. And that would make Big Bird very sad.

Vince was injured twice during his appearance, claiming that Grover was too rough.
Someone looks a little, um, young.
Tony claimed that Fozzy was the best Muppet he’s ever worked with.
“We all left our wives for young blondes!”
Chad Pennington, Laveranues Coles and Eric Mangini (plus some other guy) stopped by to tell Elmo how to not be Jets anymore.
Best Super Bowl victory party ever.
Scooter received some very poor relationship advice.
Sure it’s a parody, but it’s based on Sports Illustrated.
Here’s Miss Piggy on an actual Sports Illustrated cover.
Was Mark Fidrych really with Big Bird or was he really high? Yes.
“And so I was like, Bitch you ain’t leaving my house!”
Little did we know that bear was dealing steroids.
When I first looked at this picture, I thought, “I want that f*cking shirt.”
The only Met player not coked out enough to be terrified.
Regina is a German boxer who is awesome because she’s hot and poses nude (SFW, but go ahead and Google her yourself for more).
With two Kardashian sisters.
With a name like Picabo, she could only be an Olympic athlete or a birthday clown.
It doesn’t really count, but this is awesome.
Grow up, people.
He’s a polish soccer legend who also poses nude… just kidding.
Stich is the German tennis player who accused women tennis players of grunting for the purpose of selling sex. And he’s upset about it why?
Chang played tennis when America had something to be proud of.
Marv was upset to learn that this wasn’t his furries meeting.
I’m glad that we can remember Fidrych for the lovable clown that he was and not for the way he died. Sorry, more Muppets.
You could even say that the Muppets were Magic’s aids.
Way cooler than Lil Penny.
Why? Because he’s Keith Hernandez.
Julianne McNamara was an American gymnast, but more importantly she appeared on six episodes of Charles in Charge, which means that Scott Baio totally nailed her.
I’m starting to think that the Muppets visiting the Cubs was like a Make-a-Wish Foundation idea.
As if the guy didn’t already have it all.
He gets two photos with the Sesame Street gang.
Not so mean now.
I like to think that grouch is using the trophy as a spittoon.
Taylor made sure his Sesame Street appearance was during Miami Dolphins practice.
Robinson was the first black athlete to deliver the alphabet on Sesame Street, which probably pissed some white Muppets off.
After his appearance, Zeke left the Sesame Street payroll in shambles.
All three of them are adorable.
I still remember the horror of watching Kermit split his head open.
Fact: This was the biggest highlight of Fred McGriff’s career.
Bite his ear! BITE HIS EAR!
Well hello, Dominique Dawes.
Elmo made the same face when he watched Jeter plow Miss Piggy and Virginia the Muppaphone.
I’d love to meet someone who hates David Robinson so I can send them back to Russia.
It was a good fit because Beckham sounds like a Muppet.
I’m pretty sure Dave Winfield ate Snuffleupagus.
Dale Jarrett stopped by to show that even a Muppet can drive in circles.
That image is redundant. Chris Berman is already a Muppet.
Bucky Lasek gets to skateboard for a living and is constantly surrounded by smoking hot groupies. I just want to meet Muppets.
This is the greatest thing that has happened at Wrigley Field in 103 years.