The Miami Dolphins Would Like To Play Football On An Aircraft Carrier

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05.10.13 2 Comments

Thanks to Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria basically tricking Miami-Dade County into giving him a ton of cash for a stadium that literally everyone not involved in the funding process knew was a horrible idea, the Miami Dolphins were unable to secure a considerably smaller amount of public funds to renovate Sun Life Stadium. That led to CEO Mike Dee calling the team’s future in Miami “bleak” before kicking off a new rumor campaign of moving the team to Palm Beach.

In the meantime, the Dolphins are also making a pitch to the NFL to host Super Bowl L in Miami, and among a number of ideas that are so Miami they may as well have blue hair and iguanas in their front yards, the team would host a football game on an aircraft carrier. Somewhere, the writer of Hot Shots smiled.

According to the Palm Beach Post’s Ben Volin, the Dolphins plan on holding most of their Super Bowl events at Bay Front in downtown Miami where they apparently would have an aircraft carrier dock so that they can play a game.

The Dolphins would apparently place a full 120-yard field on top of the aircraft carrier.

Though in Volin’s opinion, the game will be touch football, not tackle. (Via Broward-Palm Beach New Times)

While it sure is fun to make jokes about Stephen Ross’ proposed perks for hosting Super Bowl L – make your own commercial with Pitbull, play tennis against Serena Williams in hot air balloons, let Gloria Estefan name your child, tackle Daniel Thomas for a one-yard loss – the Dolphins don’t stand a chance of getting the NFL’s 50th anniversary of the world’s greatest sports event while the San Francisco 49ers are offering a new stadium and a hell of a lot more than a zipline over the city and the chance to sing “The Humpty Dance” at karaoke night with Brian Hartline.

So let’s all quell our looming depression by enjoying the volleyball scene from Top Gun.

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