The Miami Heat Russian Nesting Dolls Got It Exactly Right

07.30.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Miami Heat nesting dolls

“Nesting dolls” are extremely popular in Russia, where “fun” means “putting a smaller thing into a larger thing, then putting an even smaller thing into that.” Think of it as a turducken, but made out of the stuff you use to make toilets. A porcelain turducken.

Russia may have weird ideas about what is and isn’t fun, but they’ve got a third eye for sports, as seen by these size-to-relevance-accurate Miami Heat nesting dolls. That’s the world’s smallest Chris Bosh on the far left, and a LeBron James big enough to stuff an actual turducken into. A Redditor recently took a trip to Russia and snapped a pic, and I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to get this to Chris Bosh and make him feel bad about himself.

The best part is that the doll set isn’t just the “big 3.” Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers BOTH come in at bigger sizes. And don’t think it’s an issue of spreading out the Big 3, because Dwyane Wade is still crammed in at #2. Here’s a pic of the entire set:


And the variant:


Russia hates you, Boshtrich. Sorry.

[via Reddit, h/t and supplementary pics via Big Lead]

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