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According to the gossip brewing from Los Angeles in the wake of the Golden Globes, the NFL Network is assembling an all-star cast to for a promo set to air during the Super Bowl.

The NFL Network spot plays on the eclectic group of celebrity friends who attend Cincinnati Bengal Chad Johnson's Super Bowl party. Confirmed to appear are L.L. Cool Jand country band Rascal Flatts, with Martha Stewart catering.

"Janet Reno and David Beckham are also on the wish list," says the source. "Larry David said he might do it. Also, we're trying to get Predator, from the movie," [said the source.] 

This actually sounds totally realistic. I'd be completely unsurprised to see Martha Stewart cooking for Chad Johnson. Besides, she kinda looks like she'd be into black dudes. 

A source familiar with negotiations says [Britney] Spears' people were turned down flat when they asked about participating. "She's too much of a train wreck," says the insider. "Besides, we already have Paris Hilton."

Indeed. Personally, I've always felt that one diseased vagina is one too many, but I can understand the desire to have one around to add an element of danger.

As for Britney, well… Chad Johnson invited Janet Reno but not her. It would probably be for the best if she just killed herself. Her children are better off fending for themselves at this point. At least growing up feral they'll have a chance to survive.

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