The NFL’s Bravest Faces Part Two

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05.05.11 4 Comments

Last month, as the NFL lockout gained steam and us fans were left to wonder what the future will hold, I pointed out that this work stoppage is about much more than watching our favorite football teams take the field next season. Lost in this mess are team and league employees who may not have jobs if this lockout holds up, but since none of them look good in tiny skirts, this is really about the cheerleaders. Despite the league’s ongoing legal battle, cheerleaders from every team are still holding open auditions for their 2011 squads like much hotter and younger versions of Norma Rae. In fact, most franchises have already declared that their cheerleader squads will still make appearances even if their teams are not playing. Bless their hearts.
Most notably, the daughter of an iconic player has risen from the ranks of young, cute and perky girls to wave her spirit fingers in the face of adversity. That girl is Alexa Flutie, the reigning Miss Massachusetts and daughter of Doug Flutie. Alexa is now a cheerleader for the New England Patriots and we can’t help but salute her strength and bravery. In fact, we recognize the great strides taken by all of the new Patriots cheerleaders that earned their tight outfits this week, like the ladies in the banner image. But why stop there? The Houston Texans cheerleaders are also deserving of recognition for announcing their 2011 squad, especially since they have hot blonde twins. And we can’t forget the Indianapolis Colts. They play in a dome, so they don’t ever have to bundle up like Alexa will. They also have a great tendency to hug each other. Win-win, friends.
Hey, why are you sitting here reading my babble? Go forth and celebrate true NFL bravery once more…

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