The Oklahoma City Thunder Traded Their Free Time To People In Need

I don’t know what it is about NBA players that makes them so much more fun to criticize and make fun of than other pro sports stars. Maybe it’s the holier than thou mentality or the rock star “swag” and godlike baller image, but people just tend to either love or hate NBA stars more than other athletes, and that’s typically fine because they seem to like it. And even though a lot of the league’s stars are as transparent as invisible glass, we’re still pretty big suckers for when they break character and the villain becomes the good guy or the good guy becomes the great guy by helping a good cause.

Before heading to Los Angeles for tonight’s game against the Clippers, the Oklahoma City Thunder, which you could argue is a team of good guys and Kendrick Perkins, hit up the City Rescue Mission in downtown OKC to serve food to more than 400 homeless people on Monday. Even if you absolutely loathe the Thunder, you have to admit that this was rather swell of them.

“We’re just here to put a smile on their faces and interact with them and everybody just have a good time,” [Kevin] Martin said. “Around the holidays, that’s all it’s about… I’m just thankful to be able to touch other people’s lives in a positive way.”

“It’s Thanksgiving of course and the holiday season,” Tom Jones said. “Just having the Thunder select the City Rescue Mission as one of those agencies that they want to come out and support, it is amazing to us… For one moment in time, they just feel so valuable because the players, the team and the Thunder girls and the coaches, they all come out and (they’re) just in amazement.” (Via

Additionally, Russell Westbrook hosted a similar event in his hometown of L.A. yesterday. As part of his WHY NOT? Foundation, Westbrook served a free Thanksgiving dinner at Jesse Owens Park yesterday, so if you’re keeping track, the Thunder should have enough karma points to go on a 20-game winning streak soon.

(Images via the Thunder, H/T to InstaNBA.)