The Proper Way To Deal With These Little Jerks

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.05.11 11 Comments

I don’t have children, but in the event that I ever bring a little person into this world, I hope I react to the announcement that they “love the Ankees” by berating them to tears and evicting them from my home. You can also tell I don’t have kids because I think it’s kinda weird to watch a nearly-nude little boy hold a fork for no reason and aimlessly jam his arm into a school bus.

The poor kid is already a great Yankees fan. He doesn’t have any concrete reasons to like them, he can’t properly pronounce their name, he only seems to be supporting them because everyone else he knows likes the Red Sox and he bursts into whimpering tears when you question him. He also says “please?” when you tell him you don’t like them. All he needs to do now is learn to justify drunk driving arrests and count to 27 and he’ll be every Yankees fan I’ve ever met.

Also, is that guy a Benjamin Button version of Roger Sterling or what? About midway through the video I expected him to turn to the camera and tell Joanie to get Lucky Strike on the phone.

edit: Now with working video!

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