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The Houston Rockets won their 18th straight game as they defeated the New Orleans Hornets 106-96 behind 41 points from Tracy McGrady. I guess after you win that many games in-a-row, you can start talking some trash:

"I don't like them. They don't like me," [Houston guard Rafer] Alston said. "They keep telling me to stop talking. I'm great at talking trash."

[New Orleans' Chris] Paul, considered an MVP candidate, was pretty good at it, too. "I wish I could be half as good as him one of these days in the NBA," Paul said, "since he thinks he's so great."

Oooh, sounds like a cat fight. ROWR! Rafer went on to point out some tactical mistakes by the Hornets:

"We had Tracy McGrady," Alston said. "They tried doubling him; we knocked down open 3s. They tried single covering him; that's a no-no on him."

Ain't it the truth though? It's just like I tell the rats at the Y when they single cover me: "Oh no you didn't! You're in trouble now. The only question is whether I unleash the my 'Special K' moves or my 'Silky D' skills." And then I dribble the ball off my foot, and they ask me to leave the court. Anyway, this winning streak really has to be sticking in Yao Ming's claw craw. -KD

Photo credit: AP Photo/Jim Sullivan 

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