The Tigers’ Ian Kinsler With Perhaps The Best Troll Job Of All-Time Right Here

Shut it down everyone, the Tigers’ Ian Kinsler just won for best troll of 2014. Bear with me for the somewhat lengthy explanation.

White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale absolutely dominated the Detroit Tigers today, striking out 10 and giving up 1 run in 6 innings of work. With Victor Martinez up in the third inning, Sale looked out to center field. Was somebody tipping pitches to Tigers batters?

A few pitches later, Sale struck out Martinez, who tipped his hat sarcastically to the mystery man in center field (he may have been referencing the bullpen here).

Fast forward to the sixth inning when Sale decided to plunk Martinez with the bases empty. That led to an obligatory clearing of the benches—there were no pushes, there were no shoves, there were no punches. It was your garden variety “tough guy” routine.

[mlbvideo id=”36555157″ width=”650″ height=”360″ /]

Sale headed to the bench after the 6th inning and complained to anybody within earshot about the “man center field”, the one with the binoculars. Naturally, the Tigers had some fun with this. Cue Ian Kinsler.

Which of course leads to that beautiful side-by-side image at the top.

So what did we learn from all this kids? Well, nothing really. But if you’re going to troll, take some lessons from Ian Kinsler.