The University Of Kansas Wants KU Boobs To Stop Being So Wonderful

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06.12.13 5 Comments

KU Boobs in trouble

What started as a way for guys to gawk at the seemingly endless supply of large-breasted women at the University of Kansas – you know, all in the name of supporting the men’s basketball team – ended up becoming a nationwide fad with copycats and clones popping up left and right. The Twitter account @KUBoobs became an overnight sensation earlier this year after it became the go-to source for really stretched out Jayhawks shirts. Also, because BEWBZ RULZ!

Soon after, there were Kentucky Boobs, Yale Boobs, DeVry Boobs and Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale Boobs (for which you had to draw a turtle and pirate to have published) and college sports was alive with the sound of dads crying. Alas, we all knew way back in the dark corners of our minds that this couldn’t last, and on Monday the folks responsible for KU Boobs received a cease and desist from the University of Kansas.

Cut off the head, lawyers, and the rest of the boobs will die.


Jim Marchiony, Associate Director of Public Affairs with KU Athletics, told Fox 4 that is where the problem lies:

“We’re not trying to shut @KUBoobs down. It’s one thing to have a Twitter account. It’s another thing to sell items with ‘KU’ on it, which is what they’re doing,” said Jim Marchiony, Associate Director of Public Affairs with KU Athletics. “That’s our federal trademark, which we always have to protect.” (Via Rock Chalk Blog)

The website is already done, and while the Boobs Twitter doesn’t have to be shut down – it just needs to be rebranded – the guys who run it might go ahead and shut it down anyway. It’s a shame, because they were at least donating some money from their bracelet sales to breast cancer charities.

But those letters – K and U – they belong to the University of Kansas and no one else. Use not those letters, lest you find yourself on the receiving end of some rock chalk wrath as well.

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