The Zombie Holocaust Starts Now

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.31.11 2 Comments

… and it’s worse than we could’ve ever imagined. Soccer zombies.

In the spirit of one of those scenes from early in the movie where a character starts acting weird, and the other guy’s all “heh, c’mon man stop kidding around, you’re not gonna OH NO WHAT’RE YOU DOING AHHHHHHHHH” comes this clip from a Uruguayan Primera Division match — players end up on the ground and a wandering limb comes too close to Argentine striker Nicolas Guevara’s mouth, so he bites it and doesn’t let go. Once you get past the initial shock of the video, the best part is the reaction of the guy who gets bitten. He does the only thing you can do when a soccer player starts trying to eat you, lie back and ask “what the f**k” with your entire body.

Guevara got a red card for the act, but at no point did the referee attempt to destroy the head.

[h/t Dirty Tackle]

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