There’s A Beer Fridge In The Olympic Village That Can Only Be Opened By Canadians

How can you possibly add insult to injury in terms of making the Sochi Olympics experience even worse for all of the athletes and journalists than it already is? Easy, you plop a refrigerator in Canada’s Olympic House, stock it with ice cold beer and let all of the Canadian athletes drink as much as they want for free at any given time. Then, when athletes from other countries inevitably try to come over and grab a free brewski or 12 for them and their friends, make sure that the beer can only be retrieved with a Canadian passport. Why on Earth would Canada do that to everyone? Because f*ck the rest of the world’s athletes, eh?

A CBS photographer Tweeted a photo of the beer fridge in question and it certainly has the rest of the world buzzing about what our other countries are providing for their athletes, and while an endless supply of beer is cool, I hope that there are also Purell and bleach vending machines around every corner.