There’s No Sex In The Field Level Seating Area

11.04.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

We go from Roker’s lap band to Texas lap dances: this had been on Deadspin and everywhere else by the time Burnsy sent it to me, but we still have to make the requisite whore jokes and potshots toward traditional macro-brews. Notice I didn’t say “American” beer, because those sons of btiches aren’t owned by American companies anymore. Now get off my lawn so I can drink my Yuengling.

Anyway, the Cowboys are 1-6, and the only bright spot of last weeks’ Monday night affair was watching this drunk chick bounce up and down on her boyfriend (presumably). She’s not horrible-looking either. Fortunately for her, everything’s bigger in Texas. Did they film this through a keyhole? Judging from their seats, I’m just assuming that she was rubbing on his pants so money would fall out. Wow, she’s so trashed. Let’s hear it for traditional macro-brew. Via Gordon Keith.

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