Super Bowl Guy Missed Adoption Once Because Of The Big Game

A couple people have sent me this item on Larry Jacobson, the 71-year-old “Never Miss A Super Bowl Club member who told an interesting story about how the Big Game helped shape his family life.

Jacobson and his wife were participating in an open adoption in the 1970s and he says the birth mother’s only prerequisite was that the adoptive parents be present for the birth of the baby. The problem was that the baby was due on Super Bowl weekend.

“I said it’s no problem,” he recalls. “I’ll take the red-eye (flight), watch the game and take the red-eye back. That was fine with my wife, but it wasn’t with the mother.”

Because of Larry’s growing obsession, he and his wife passed on that adoption but later adopted two biological sisters, neither of which knew until recently the story of the abandoned adoption.

“My daughter said she was glad about the Super Bowl,” Jacobson says. “If we’d gotten that child, we wouldn’t have gotten our daughters. So they think the Super Bowl is a good thing.”

–American Profile.

I’ve had it with these pregnant mothers and their ridiculous demands. I AM WATCHING FOOTBALL ON SUNDAY AND I WILL ADOPT YOUR CHILD WHEN I AM GOOD AND READY. Football is way more important than family; when was the last time football made you spend 70 bucks on a wedding gift? Do the dishes? Tell you that he was gay? Football is the perfect child that never grows up. And that kid? It was Jeff Reed. No, that’s probably not true, but it’d be cooler if it was…