This Guy Set A Diving World Record

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02.15.11 6 Comments

Professional high diver Darren Taylor is more famously known as Professor Splash, and for the past 25 years the Colorado native has traveled the world, breaking records for shallow water diving. According to his website, Splash is regarded as the greatest stunt diver in the world, and I will take his word for that because I’m not going to lose an important thought by learning another new fact about high diving.

The good professor boasts that he holds World Records in Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan and the United States, and while I’m not sure how you can hold world records in different countries, I’ll admit I’m a little out of my element here. Splash’s latest Guiness World Record was recorded recently at the University of Science and Technology in Norway, after he dived from 35 feet into 12 inches of water. And they say that Americans can’t be the best anymore.

Video of Professor Splash’s insanity world record after the jump…

(Via Buzzfeed)

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