This Is A Horror Movie: The Bloodiest Fights In MMA History

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Just in time for Halloween, it’s a splish-splash bloodbath compilation. Mixed Martial Arts has long been derided as a cruel bloodsport, so instead of trying to defend that accusation, I’m going to celebrate it! Here are some of the top instances of blood letting in the world of MMA. Please be aware that you will need a subscription to Fight Pass to watch these fights (But y’all have Fight Pass, right?).

Cain Velasquez vs Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva – UFC 146

Cain recently lost his heavyweight title to Junior dos Santos, and he is super pissed off. Sadly, the lumbering Bigfoot Silva is in his way, and Cain wants all of Silva’s face blood out in the open. One take down and a slew of elbows is all it takes to get blood from a living Moai statue.

Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve vs Denis Stojnic – UFC 99

Struve is one of the tallest fighters in UFC history, but he’s sometimes struggled to use his reach advantage effectively. This usually results in him taking a severe beating, only to come back later in the fight. This is a textbook case, as Stojnic manages to cut open Struve in the first, but STEFAN. STRUVE. WILL. NOT. QUIT! Struve chokes out Stojnic in the second. Fun fact – this fight was so bloody that it resulted in MMA getting banned in Germany for a brief period.

Jay “Thoroughbred” Hieron vs Jonathan “Road Warrior” Goulet – UFC Fight Night 2

This is the fight that Dana White called the bloodiest he’d ever seen, and he vowed it would never make broadcast (This was back when only the main card was guaranteed to be shown outside of the people in attendance). Goulet, a chinny kickboxer, opens up Hieron, a solid wrestler, with a knee in round two. Goulet then lands a ton of punches and elbows from the bottom, both opening the cut wider and preventing it from clotting. After dumping what looks like a solid gallon, Hieron gets hit with a knee in the third round and the fight gets stopped.

Chase Beebe vs Eddie Wineland – WEC 26

Chase Beebe lands a huge elbow in the third round that DESTROYS Wineland’s cauliflower ear (EARSPLOSION!). Blood and ear-guts go everywhere, and things just keep getting gross for the next two rounds.

BJ “The Prodigy” Penn vs Joe “Daddy” Stevenson – UFC 80

A common thread in these fights is that all it takes is one strike to slice open a forehead. Here, BJ lands a glancing elbow on Stevenson in the first and the crimson faucet starts pouring. Penn eventually gets a second round rear naked choke victory that provided several iconic images, including the banner image, this amazing celebratory GIF, and this “see if you can spot the terrifying thing” image.

Edwin DeWees vs Gideon Ray – The Ultimate Fighter 4

In the episode appropriately named “Blood Bath”, DeWees gets split open while on top of Ray in the second round and instantly turns into Jackson Pollock, spraying blood all over the canvas. In an interesting twist, DeWees uses the cut to his advantage, as he bleeds directly into Ray’s nose and mouth, distracting Gideon. Despite spending a lot of time on top with one hand clamped over the cut, DeWees won a decision.

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