This Pats Fan’s Obituary Proclaims The Innocence Of Tom Brady

Despite his admittedly low likability, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still has a lot of support from his fans in and around Boston. For starters, former American Idol contestant Ayla Brown wrote a song in support of the suspended Super Bowl MVP. Even team owner Robert Kraft still likes the guy. And then there’s the recently deceased Patricia Shong of Auburn, Mass.

The 72-year-old Shong died on Monday, May 18, and her obituary was published in the local Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Among the usual pleasantries is a line presumably added at the hardcore Pats fan’s request:

She would also like us to set the record straight for her: Brady is innocent!!

There it is, complete with two exclamation points for added emphasis. Shong was laid to rest later that same week on Friday, May 22.

That settles it, then. Let it be known as Tom Brady is innocent of all charges levied against him by the Wells Report. He must be freed at once.

(Via NECN)