This Beautiful Cardinals Fan Has A Mural Of Busch Stadium Painted On His Belly

The St. Louis Cardinals lost yesterday’s home opener to the Milwaukee Brewers in one of the sloppier games you’ll see this week, but nobody cares about that right now. Instead, let’s take a long, glorious look at this Cardinals fan who showed up to Busch Stadium with a mural of Busch Stadium painted on his chest and torso. He was that guy, according to James “Droz” Andrews, but when you’re one of the Best Fans in Baseball™, you don’t play by the same rules as average baseball fans.

You want to paint the stadium of the team that you’re going to watch play on your chest? You pick out the best body paints that money can buy and let your friend or loved one start detailing every curve of your manly landscape. The only mystery is the identity of the artist behind this masterpiece. Did this fan paint it himself? Perhaps the artist was none other than Ted LaRussa, seated to his right.

Whoever it was, if he’s taking requests, I think everyone would love to see his next work of art be Matt Adams’ entire uniform painted on.