This Violent Spinning Kick Knockout Will Likely Give You A Headache

Kickboxing is a fun sport that doesn’t get as much love as it should. It’s got the striking violence of mixed martial arts without the ground work that makes dummies change the channel, and there’s a decent amount of corruption to keep the boxing fans interested. Recently, two kickboxing matches ended with spectacularly violent knockouts that will make you cringe and also quote Chris Tucker in Friday.

In Thailand, Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington is participating in Lethwei, which is like Muay Thai kickboxing, except it’s bareknuckle and headbutts are allowed. Check out rounds one and two right here.

Now, check out Washington destroying his opponent with a spinning heel kick that sends sweat flying into the crowd.

Meanwhile, in Russia, something called the TATNEFT CUP is going on, which is a three-division, 48-man tournament. In one of the fights, Ljubo Jalovi takes on Alex Trofimov.

After a restart from a prolonged clinch, Jalovi launches a flying knee at Trofimov’s skull, putting him to sleep. Holy cow, that’s a rad knockout!