This Week In Awwwesome: Stray Dog Travels Across China With Cyclists

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05.28.12 2 Comments

Chinese student Zhang Heng and some friends decided that they wanted to celebrate their recent graduation with a 1,833-kilometer (or roughly 1,136 miles if you’re normal) bike ride from the city of Kangding in the Sichuan province to Lhasa, Tibet. And why wouldn’t they? It’s not like there are any jobs waiting for them. *high fives recent state college grad sleeping in a dumpster*

But a funny thing happened on the way to Lhasa. Heng and friends were cruising through a town when he spotted a dog passed out in the street, so he did the cool thing and stopped to feed it and make sure it was okay. Not only did Xiao Sa or “Little Sa” appreciate the meal and the kindness, but she pledged her eternal faith to her new human friends and joined them on their one-month journey. On paw, pretty much the whole way.

Xiao Sa really wanted to accompany them on their trip, and she showed incredible determination over the 20 days she ran alongside her new-found friends, all the way to Lhasa, Tibet. She traveled a total of 1,138 miles, climbed ten mountains over 4,000 meters high, and ran on uphill sections where many bikers prefer to take the bus. The only portion of the journey where Xiao Sa didn’t have to run was on a steep slope in Litang, where downhill speeds reach 70 km per hour, which made it impossible to catch up. So the cyclists made a cage for her and gave Sa a ride to the bottom, where she resumed her journey on foot. (Via Oddity Central)

F*ck. Yes. These are the stories that I kick the hookers out of bed for to do this job each day. And before Little Sa becomes too big of a star for us, here’s a news report of her amazing story complete with footage of her run. Go hug your dogs, please.

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