This Week In Damn It Y'All, These Ain't Tears

Richie Reynolds was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and his doctors told him that he has between 6 months and a year left to live. But instead of sitting around and feeling all sorry for himself, Reynolds decided it was time to enjoy life one last time, and his family agreed. So they called up the Sports Car Driving Association and worked out a deal to let Reynolds, a huge racing fan, get behind the wheel of a stock car and take a few laps on the track at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut.

I wish they would have also asked for a live AC/DC soundtrack, but I guess you can’t really push your luck with last wishes.

Reynolds said racing around the track made him forget all of his troubles.

“When it’s my time it’s my time,” he said. “It’s totally a dream come true. Never expected it in my wildest dreams.”

Richie’s feelings are if these are his last days, he may as well make them days of thunder. (Via WABC New York)

I think this is amazing, but then I’m a sucker for stories like these. I’m not sure it can get much better than a man finding out that he’s dying and his family showing their appreciation by fulfilling a dream that he probably never thought could come true. Unless maybe if a really attractive woman re-tells the story. And of course I can make that come true for us all.

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